Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amazing things my toddler says!

Waylon's vocabulary often blows me away!  But, lately he has been cracking us up and quickly reminding us to watch what we say!  OOPS!!! So, I had to share some of his most recent comments...

While holding the iphone "is it downloading?"
When walking into a room when I was pumping "pump it up Mama, pump it up!"
"All doe bro"
"Dada go to work, Mama go to Starbucks"
"Mama drink a bunch of wine"
"MMM...Taco Bell, Taco Bell is delicious!"
When you pick up Wesson, "Give Brother Back!"
"Brother no like a clean butt"
"I no like a that chocolate. (sticks his tongue out) spit it out".
"God made me and God made the octopuses".
"Thank you so much Mama"
"This is really, really, really GOOD!"  Talking about ice cream of course.
"I wanna watch Doc again, where's the remote"
"Hi, I'm Waylon, what's you called?"
"Chewy is a silly goat"
"Where we going next?"
"I wanna wear my shit kickers"
"This is fun"
"Is this Own the Night?"
"So sorry Mama, I can't like a this song"
"Let's go Walmart and Macy's"
"That's a big HEAVY truck"

And trust me....It is time for EVERY ONE'S checkup!  ~Thank you Doc McStuffins

Very thankful to have such an animated son and for his often, much needed comic relief!  We just love our Mini Man!

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