Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wesson's 3 Month Update!

WOW!!  Our Little Bug-A-Lug is a growing..AND FAST! I remember when I was six months pregnant!  At that time, having 3 months left in my pregnancy felt like an eternity....but now... Wesson, you are three months old and it feels like time is just flying by and we brought you home from the hospital just yesterday!  Your smile, laughter and love is contagious and every second with you is remarkable!  You are our dream come true and the most adorable baby brother the world has ever seen! 

Weight: 16.4 pounds (93 percentile)
Height: 25.25 inches (85 percentile)
Clothes: 6-9 months
Shoe size: 2
Diaper size: 3

Well, we had your first un"healthy" visit this past week at the doctor.  Waylon got bronchitis and you got a little night time cough and runny nose too so we had you checked out as well.  Luckily, it was just a little infection and you were a little toughy guns!  Your body fought it off before it turned into anything yucky and you kept smiling and laughing even when feeling a little bit under the weather!  Oh, and your belly button fixed itself and has settled on down! :)

You have started napping a bit in your crib and of course, it was no big deal to you!  I am finding that most of these things are tougher for Mama than for you!  I just always want you in my arms!!  Even when you wake up, you just lay in there and hang out until I come and get you!  You are still sleeping with Mama and Dada at night and waking up at 1:50 and 5:00.  You have a little snack then crash back out!

I have tried to figure out how much you are eating a day!  Between nursing and bottles,  I am not 100% sure but I am thinking between 35-40 ounces a day!  I feed you on demand and it seem like you eat a couple ounces here and a couple ounces there!  Very rarely do you down an entire bottle at once...but sometime you do!! 

You really are such a GOOD BABY!!  You hardly EVER cry!!  Only when you are hungry!  You are tough as nails.  Even when you brother bumps into you or intentionally pinches you (this is very rare...but it does happen) you just seem to shrug it off!  And in fact, sometimes you smile and seem to even roll your eyes.  You have personality plus already!

You do the cutest things with your hands...always holding them together, rolling them, and putting them to your mouth when you laugh.  It is adorable!

You are my perfect little photo prop these days!  You are so cooperative and just smile away!   I love these pictures because you truly are happy and it seems so easy to capture this right now.  You being happy makes Mama happy!

Oh and you have the CUTEST little rump too!

You seriously HATE tummy time and will just lay there until someone gets you!  It is pretty funny to me because you are so strong and can hold your head up for LONG periods of time!  You are loving the sitting in the you a little independence when we are making dinner!   And you and Way play around a bit during this time too.  You are even hitting the buttons and making the machine sing now! 

When holding you the other day, I felt your tummy muscle flex for the first time as you are starting to try and sit up!  Get bigger and stronger EVERY day!

We have had a BUSY month...(as always)
We went to Bravo farms and played around (apparently this was not your favorite)

celebrated your first fourth of July with the Pearces from AZ and the usual family

went on a steam train up in Yosemite and enjoyed some beautiful weather

went with Grammy and Papa to Gilroy Gardens where you rode the train and of course, being held by Mommy in your new Ergo carrier!  (you LOVE to be with Mama)  I'm not sure if you will EVER walk as much as I hold you!

the circus

multiple trips to the park

and most importantly...celebrated Dada's 30th birthday (birth week)
 with a day trip to Wishon Lake

a family birthday party at sals

watching Dada's game
and then a birthday dinner at I love Sushi!

With all these exciting things, the highlight of my month was hearing you and your brother laugh out loud together! 


You two hold hands all the time and are becoming closer and closer!  Waylon calls you Brother and helps take care of you a lot! 
He tells you good morning every day, gives you kisses when you cry, reminds me when you are hungry, and takes your shoes and socks off when we return home from an outing! 

 You two melt my heart!
You Wesson Lee, bring me so much joy!  I am so honored and proud to be your Mama!  Trust me, all I do is talk about you and your brother!  I love having conversations with you now and listening to you coo and make sweet, sweet, noises!  I love to hold you while you sleep and feeling your sweet hands rub my arm when we snuggle!  You are so mellow and calm!  You create an amazing balance in our family!

Without You Bug-A-Lug
"tomorrow wouldn't be worth the wait and yesterday wouldn't be worth remembering!"

I love all your kisses and we thank God every day for giving us you and for letting us be your Mama, Dada, and Brother!  You are nothing short of amazing and our perfect little Bug!

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