Monday, July 30, 2012

Noah's Ark Lesson!!

Well, we had the honor of being a part of an amazing wedding on Saturday, so Sunday was spent napping and resting.  That's ok...we spent Monday re-learning all about Noah's Ark!

Like I said before we are just doing the lessons in order from Mini's Bible!

Today's lesson was from Genesis 6-9.  Noah's ark and remembering that God always keeps his promises.  (oops...feel free to turn your computer up side down)

We started by watching this video on You Tube!  My Mini loves the computer so I thought this would help get his attention! 

I remember watching this video when I was a kid!  Wesson loved it too!

Then we said a prayer asking the Lord to open our hearts to his message and then we read the story from his book! 

 SNACK...Animal crackers....super lazy!  EEEK

We created Noah's ark!  This is the ark we create a couple months ago.

This time we created a door hanger. Here are the pieces I cut out of construction paper! (while the boys watched the video...preparation is key to keeping my two year old attention). 

Then Mini helped me glue the parts together (use hot much easier and faster).    Waylon loves stickers so I gave him stickers to glue on tissue paper...two of each! 

Then we made a rectangle door and put a two in it!  N is for Noah!!!  Final product!

The whole time we created this...and the other crafts....we sang this song I found...

(tune “The Ants Go Marching”)
The animals marched on two by two hurrah, hurrah!
The animals marched on two by two hurrah, hurrah!
The animals marched on two by two,
On Noah’s ark they made a zoo!
And they all went marching on- to the ark- to get out of the rain,
Boom, boom, boom….

Craft #2! 
Animals out of rainbow colored play dough.  You can make this but I was lucky enough that one of Mini's best friends had a rainbow party and this was the favor! THANK YOU MISS CARA! 

I gave Mini animal cookie cutters....a duck, bear, cat, dog and bunny  and just let him play!  YAY....he played for 45 me a chance to nurse and put his brother down! 

We used two animal cookie cutters and the Letter N and the number 2 and stuck them in paint to create a masterpiece!  (always working on numbers and letters and colors too)  We have done this before for a fourth of July craft and Mini loved it!  So glad it worked again!

We had a super fun morning remembering God's promises and what it is like to have faith in the Lord's directions and instructions!  What a fabulous reminder for Mama right now too!!!

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