Friday, July 13, 2012

Suck it up PRINCESS

With an exciting weekend and a brillant week celebrating my hubby come up.....I started feeling...overwhelmed.  This week seems to have been full of misunderstandings, a million more errands to run than normal, things falling through, EXHAUSTION, complications, change, the "what ifs" happening, and feeling the need of atleast 3 of me to get the necessities done.  Wesson even ate dinner at a restaurant with not only NO shoes on BUT NO SHIRT TOO!  If you know know this means I am totally having an off week. 

But as I sat feeling so very sorry for myself, one specific picture from the other night popped in my head

You see...nap and bedtime have been CRAZY at our house since a couple weeks before Wesson was born.  And even if everything else this week was chaos....this moment was PERFECT!  Both my boys are asleep, together, and even holding hands!  It made me realize with all the mistakes I am making...I'm doing something right.  First off, my boys are my world.  I'm sure I push them too hard in one area when I should be focusing more on another!  I'm not perfect thing my boys will ALWAYS know, is that Mama loves them.  And in this picture, I know that my boys are quickly creating a bond that I hope will carry them through the rough times and the happiest times in their life. And since my boys are my strength and my drive...I then thought of this

So that's what I am doing!  Snuggling with my Bug, reading with my Mini, then grabbing a drink with my girlfriends!  A little reboot so that I can TOTALLY focus on these moments....
playing at the park,

hearing the PRECIOUS laughter of my precious boys,

and witnessing and feeling and being overwhelmed in a positive way, of the endless and deep love the Pearce family shares.  The moments I have always dreamed of and get to experiance on a daily basis!

So tomorrow and all my worries (AND THERE ARE A TON) to God you go!  I'm letting him handle it!  I'm too busy...I've got diapers to changes, babies to feed, books to read, blocks to build with and monster trucks to race! :)

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