Sunday, July 22, 2012

God made the earth and God made me!

Waylon got this bible a couple years ago for his baby dedication. 

We have always read from it but this past week I got some motivation.  I started thinking about all the time I spend and have spent making sure Waylon knows his numbers, letters, colors, animals and so on.  Way and I do crafts multiple times a week (most of which I try to make not only fun, but educational) and I decided that I need to get back to what is the most important and make sure Mini knows as much about GOD that I can share.  His bible has it separated into smaller sections and only certain stories.  I thought this would be a good place to start.  So I hit up pinterest, God some ideas, twisted some others and created a Sunday morning bible lesson from Genesis 1.  Main theme in Waylon words.....

I actually had to show Mini what the earth looks like before we got started too!
So, we started by praying to God and asking him to open our hearts to His Word.  Then we read the first story in his Bible once again. 

Next, we headed to this website and listened to this song. 
We made up a few hand motions and sang along on more time!

Next, Way and I got Baking!  We made earth cupcakes from vanilla cake. 

 Created the batter as normal (it's a box cake...I am tired!) then split it in two.  Dying one blue and one green. (Yes, I did drop my phone into the blue batter while taking this picture!!  AHHH)

Then we layered it into the muffin holders.

 (wait....only on top of the golden oreos!  I thought for a long time about how I could justify these additional unneeded calories and came up with this!) 

The foolish man builds his house upon the sand but the wise man builds his house (cupcake) on the rock (cookie)?!?  It's a stretch!!!  Here's the link to a song and video we enjoyed and danced and sang along to!
Oh and here is our adorable supervisor!!

Anyway, then as we cooked our cupcakes ( this not an appropriate breakfast!!)  we created an earth!  PINTEREST! 

I took a blue circle piece of paper and had Mini but two hand prints in green paint to create a globe effect.  Then after it dried we added God made the Earth and God Made Me!  Genesis 1:1.

We finished up by frosting our cupcakes...adding some star sprinkles (of course, God made those too) and thanking the Lord for all He made but especially our family!!! 

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