Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Oh holy moly...we have a mover!  This past month has been huge in development physically but also in personality.  I can't believe that my baby is already 5 months old and getting ready to start moving and taking over this world! 

Mini quickly got you cleaned up...


Weight: 18.4 pounds 78th percentile
Length:  26.5 inches  67th percentile
         ***I was surprised....all anyone ever talks about it how BIG YOU ARE!

Clothes Size: 9-12 months
Shoe Size: 2
Diaper Size: 3

You little Bug are coming out of your shell!  You are funny, happy, strong and busy!  Physically this month...
You are now a roller overer!


You can stand on your own and do all the time!

You are getting a pretty strong stomach and can sit up if leaning against something on your own!  You love it, especially if it means you get to play a little easier with the cool light up toy!
And when you feel like it...you can hold your own bottle.

However, I have nicknamed you CAPTAIN LAZY!  While you can in fact do all these things on your own...other then standing...you will only randomly do it.  You have mama and dada to hold you bottle and Big Brother to help roll you over! You are so incredible strong but honestly, you would rather just lay around and be held ALL DAY!  And pretty much..you are all day!  You are my little Captain Lazy Snuggle Bug! 
Another AMAZING milestone..YOU FINALLY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!  WOOT WOOT!  You have done it twice since!  Go Bug-A-Lug!
You are still nursing all the time and are just getting up to eating solids twice a day.  HIGH MAINTENANCE ONCE AGAIN!  You will only eat mangos, peaches, sweet potatos, and green beans!  But, you are liking more and more and getting more comfortable eating from a spoon! 

YOU ARE SO SWEET!  Everything makes you laugh...but mostly Big Brother!  You just adore him and love watching him run around!  You are dying to join him.  I must be honest...he plays rough with you.  We kept getting after him until we realized you are laughing EVERY TIME he does it.  He plays tickle monster with you, cars, snuggles and I even had to fish a froot loop out of your mouth that he had shared!
It is pretty awesome.  You guys do everything together and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Oh, and he likes to play dress up with you!  HEHE
You seem to love football!  On TV and at the game!  You will lay on the floor and just watch football.  If there is football on the TV, you will stop what you are doing to watch it.  Then it is hard to get your attention once you are in the zone! (BTW..I'm hoping for a bears fan ...dada wants a Cowboy fan!"
We went to you first Fresno State football game.  You were such a trooper!
Your kisses, smiles, coos, cries and laughter create such joy in each of my days.  You are perfect and the most amazing Baby Brother in the whole world.  I have dreamed of having a baby for such a long time, and just like your brother...being your Mama, far exceeded any expectation I might have had!
This month we had some exciting moments....
the last couple Pearce family dinners with Jensen
We continued on with our family tradition of getting up early and going to the watch the hot air balloons.  Then we followed it up with breakfast at the caboose with almost all your family!  It was an amazing morning!
We had your baby dedication when you were dressed to the nines and your dada and I promised to raised you a Christian home and introduced you to the Lord!  SUCH AN AMAZING MORNING!
We headed out of town for our final wedding of the year where of course you were SOOOOOOO good and handsome too!
And of course...Mama used you as the most precious prop for working on my photo taking skills!  I must say Bug...You are quite photogenic!

You my precious Baby Brother Bug-A-Lug are remarkable!  You make me continuously proud and being your Mama is my number one priority!  I can't wait to see all the future has in store for you as you lead the life God has created for you.  But mostly, I want you to stay my baby forever!  And you will but I would like if you stayed this size too!  Your laugh brings tears of joy to my eyes and nothing feels better in this world than having you in my arms...there is just something about your fluffy goodness that makes me feel like the luckiest Mama EVER!

We love you Baby Brother Bug-A-Lug...from your head to your rump to the tips of your toes!

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