Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jesus Stops a Scary Storm MARK 4

"Silence.  Be Still."  Mark 4
God must have know what I would be saying centuries later!  HEHE
So today's lesson on how Jesus silenced a storm and his unmeasurable strengths and abilities.
We started by praying for God to open our hearts to his message.  They we re-read the story from his Tiny Bear Bible.  After that...we got a crafting.
We recreated the scary story by putting stickers (yes....rubber duckies...I didn't have fishies)
 on an empty water bottle.  Then we added blue food dye some water and placed the lid back on.  Then we shook the bottle and would say "Silence, be still", and stop shaking it and notice the water stop rushing!  Mini was loving this.  You could do like a Freeze Tag game with this, just instead of saying "freeze" say "Silence, Be Still"!  Great Sunday school game!
Apple Sauce with blue dye = ocean
Fish= fish
Apple, pretzels, and bananas = boat
Mini helped me put the boats together. 
Then we placed them in the water and pushed the fishies around the sea!  Blue plates would have been ideal~

Then as Mini ate his snack,
we read Mark 4:35-41from his children's bible.  Brother liked it too
 The actual bible version and not just the "toddler version". 
I think the details are a bit over his head but the parts he can understand might be a bit more powerful!
Finally, we are going to finish this up by coloring this picture off of the Internet!
I may have to come back and edit this as there are many more activities for the lesson that will work but this was a good afternoon start!! 

Side note, we were just at the beach and Mini was impressed to think that God could stop that GIGANTIC ocean from moving by just saying "Silence, Be Still".  It was a great example of God's amazing power!!!  I made sure to remind him that if God could calm an ocean, he could definitely protect us.

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