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I found out on July 2, 2009, that I was going to be a MOMMY!!! 
I found out at 16 weeks pregnant...that we were getting our perfect and precious Baby BOY!!
 Then, on March 9th, 2010, Waylon Lawrence Pearce came into our world and TURNED IT UPSIDE DOWN!

 Through you my Mini Man, I have learned countless lessons, but NONE as big as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  You my Mini, are my heart and my soul!
  You have taught me how to be selfless, how to be Mama BEAR, how to laugh when I am at my limits, how to be strong when I feel hopeless, how to trust my 'Mommy Instincts' and belive in myself, and how I can NEVER control what is right around the corner, no matter how hard I try!

 Waylon, I am FAR from the perfect Mommy, but Mini, I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY OUNCE OF WHO I AM!  

"I'll love you forever, I'll  like you for ALWAYS, As longs as I'm living, My MINI MAN, you'll be!"

You will forever be my greatest blessing!  

YOU, are what I am most proud of in this life!  I can NOT WAIT to see what the Lord has planned for you!

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
- Jeremiah 29:11


How in the world are your already 2.5 years old!  So, at 30 months old you are 30 pounds and 37 inches tall.  You wear 3T shirts, 2T shorts, size 7 shoes, and BIG BOY UNDERS!!!
Reading, playgroup, painting, dancing, DocMcStuffins, Veggietales, playing trucks and trains, being outside with Daddy, Jambas, fruit, dias, rice, milk, whip cream with stars, olives, taking your brothers shoes off, Chewy, your boots (shit-kickers) wear them EVERY DAY, playing matching games, asking "why", Cars, Finding Nemo, Grammy's puzzles, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, Hank Williams, stickers, The Little Blue Truck book, The Bible - Joshua fought the battle of Jericho is your favorite, yellow, green, sleeping in "Mama bed", shooting hoops, singing to You Tube videos on the computer, Harvey Harv,

Taking pictures, chocolate, peanut butter, nap time, bath time, bed time, sharing, getting your teeth brush, being away from Mommy and Daddy, flip-flops,

You are so SMART Mini!  Your memory is REMARKABLE and, sometimes even scary!
You know...
how to count to 20
almost every animal and their sound
All the letters, lower and upper case, what sound every letter makes, and an example of each a is for apple
All the colors
How to "read" red, blue, green, yellow, purple, white, orange, and black
How to spell your name, red, and blue
The days of the week
 All your shapes including pentagon, trapezoid, hexagon, and octagon!
You are into pattern and things being in order.
You can recognize and identify smallest to biggest and shortest to longest.

You have an INCREDIBLE is a bit too colorful!  Some of my most favorite things your say
"God made the sky, the clouds and the sun.  GO GOD"
"Pull it together Mama"
"Mama, I hold you!"
"That's my baby (wesson), give him back!"
"Sweet dreams brother! We love you!"
"Mama, wake up.  Put (your) glasess on!"
"I did it!  Way to go Mini!"
"I go potty, be right back!"
 and my fav....
"I'm so happy, I have JESUS IN MY HEART!"
 You keep us constantly entertained and laughing!  So with your incredible memory came a bit of a rebellious and smart mouth too!!  You really do hate to listen and just want what you want!  I don't blame ya!  But, YOU ARE HARD HEADED!  And, you did get this honestly!  And while there are days that I wish you were a bit easier to convince or instruct...I am THRILLED that I am raising a child who is opinionated and strong willed!  You see, I believe having a belief and an opinion is super important in life!  I love that you are not easily swayed and think that this will help you become successful and strong in the future!  (atleast this is what I tell myself when I want to rip my hair out of my head)

You LOVE your Wesson!! You call him Brother and My Baby.  And while you don't "hold him" like many other siblings love on him in all kinds of ways.  You often give him kisses, hold his hands, give him his bottle, yell at me if I am not feeding him fast enough when he is crying, take off his shoes when we get home, rub his head, decorate him with stickers, roll trucks on his belly, tickle him, count his piggies, read to him, and help us change his diaper!  You two do EVERYTHING together...even bath time and nap. You two talk all the time and Wesson just stares at you!  He adores you and just wants to be up and running around with his big bro!  You two have a VERY special bond!  I am loving watching you two connect and grow up together!  Hearing you two laugh together is the sweetest sound in the world!

You are in a co-op preschool that meets once a week!  It is friends of your from our playgroup!

We have been doing weekly bible lessons and activities but you favorite by far is Joshua and the Battle of Jericho!
 I think you might just like the song!  And you often yell out, "LET ME PEOPLE GO" like Mo on Veggietales!

You are not only super smart..but also super sweet!  You are sensitive and often worry about how others are feeling and are always willing to get them medicines.  While you may not love on are CONSTANTLY loving on Dada and Mama!  I get so many kisses from you each day!  I am the luckiest woman alive! 

You are also VERY protective not only of Brother but me too!  You have yelled at others before when you thought they were not treating me right!  I THINK IT IS FABULOUS OF YOU!  You remind me of your Daddy when you do this! :)

It still breaks my heart to say that you have terrible eczema!  Oh the nights we have spent up with you while you scratch yourself to you bleed, the numerous specialist you have seen, all the different ointments and even the wivestales we have tried!  I HATE ECZEMA!  It does seem to be getting a bit better but we put cream on you EVERY NIGHT!!  If I could take it away....I would in a second!  I just keep praying you outgrow it like so many doctors have told us you will!

Mini, you love, laughter, and excitement have changed our lives.  You will never know how much joy you have already brought into this world and how many lives you have touched!  You are such an amazing little man and we are so proud to be your Mama and Dada!  We thank God for you EVERY day!  You make each moment of life an adventure and we are so excited to be able to watch you grow!  Thank you for being such a special little boy!  Don't you ever forget....YOU are the most loved Mini Man in the whole wide world! 


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