Sunday, August 26, 2012

Daniel and the Lion's Den

So today...we are potty training!  So while sitting on the potty, Waylon watched a video from you tube on Daniel and the Lions Den. 
It kept his attention but I was pretty bummed  I couldn't find the Veggietales one! :( 
Anyway, after that, I pulled out his Bible and we read the Bible story from Daniel 6 about how God kept Daniel safe from the dangerous and scary lions.  I knew the message could go in all kinds of different ways.  But, Waylon has been telling us that he is scared sometimes at night.   So, with this in mind, today's message was
God ALWAYS keeps us safe!
Whether we are scared of the dark, the lions, change (oh...that is mine :) ) God will always keep us safe and protect us!
Being that we are hanging at home all day.  We did a couple different crafts!  The first one Waylon did. 
We simply made a lion out of a paper plate, construction paper, and tissue paper!  WAYLON LOVES GLUE! 
 It was easy, fun, and fast enough to conquer in between potty sessions!
The second one got Mr. Wesson involved with some help from Dada!
  We made a lion out of Wesson's foot print.  We made a mane out of construction paper and painted on a tail! 
I love using their little feet and hands for projects!  Mama can't get enough of this! 
SNACK:  My crazy Mini doesn't like peanut butter or chocolate.  BUT...I found a site that made "puppy chow" and just called it "Lion Chow"!  LOVE THIS IDEA!
We will also be coloring this cartoon I just printed off the Internet!  SO SO SO EASY!
So on top of remember that GOD ALWAYS KEEPS US SAFE...we also reviewed the Lion starts with L.  So L will be our letter of the week!  We will be completing this craft sometime in the next couple days!  SO CUTE!



Super easy week.  Oops...gotta go...we are off to the potty!

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