Friday, August 17, 2012

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho


This was a Mini lesson on Joshua and the battle of Jericho!  Truthfully, the song just popped in my head, I started singing it, Waylon caught on, so I hoped on the computer and....
We started with the song...WAY LOVES TO SING...he told me this is his favorite!!

Then we watched the Veggie tales of Joshua and the battle of Jericho before nap as a "cool down".  THIS WAS CUTE!

As we got ready for nap we talked about how sometimes we have to do "silly" things because God tells us too.  And that we have to trust in him to lead us to the right thing.

After nap time, we read the story of Jericho from this website which has GREAT children's version of many of the Bible stories.

Listened to the song one more time and threw in some dance moves!


We created the battle of Jericho out of sweet potato tots, ketchup, apples, and teddy grahams. 

Tots = Walls
Ketchup= glue for the walls
Apples = the horns they blew as they walked around the city
Teddy Grahams = Israelites

First we built the walls...stealing some bites as we went. 

 Then we placed the teddy grahams / Israelites around the city and gave them some apple/horns!!!  Then we literately walked some of the Israelites around Jericho quietly six times.  Then on the seventh time around, we screamed (Waylon's greatest talent) and then Waylon knocked down the walls of Jericho! 
And the walls came tumbling down....

 This was a super fun mini lesson and I love hearing my Waylon sing, especially big words like Jericho!  SUPER CUTE!

We will probably do another reenactment with some blocks and army guys next week!  This was just too fun!

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