Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer 2013, Week 7

Well, this week may not have been at eventful as normal…but it was pretty special since we got to spend some extra time with dada and make some sweet memories too.  So highlights….

Wesson…turned 15 months!  That little guy just melts my heart and I am NOT sorry at all that he is a Mama’s Boy!  Love my little Tubba-Wubba!


He is now sitting at the table too!!! Well, welcome to the real world my BIG man!  If you eat like a big boy, we will treat you like one!  HEHE!


Love love love these moments and snuggle with just him!  SO SPECIAL!


He got his first golf lessons from Daddy!  And of course, anything that involves a ball and something to swing…this little guy is IN! Natural Athlete!



Oh his obsession with BAT BAT BAT continues as he struts around the house sporting his new backpack!

And of course, there you go…climbing on to ANYTHING you can!  Going to give me a heart attack crazy!

All BOY, ALL the time!  Here you are carrying a ball and splashing in the puddle!  OH BUG!

AND WAYLON......oh my Mini!  You just impress me each and every day!  You ask me to pray with you when you see an ambulance and you are always willing to grab a Band-Aid whenever someone has a ouchie!  Your kind heart and sincere concern for others just makes me so proud of you!  You are a remarkable young boy!

On top of having a heart that is so are just a SUPER smart dude!  You can count to 100 by tens!  Go Mini GO!  You can write your own name...ALL BY YOURSELF!
You also worked a bit more on patterns with aliens and space ships (YOU LOVE THESE), your math facts, some fun science experiment with milk and soap,
practiced using glue and applying noodles in the shapes of a W
and of course some fun painting with you brother!

Oh and I caught you getting them Dada snuggles during nap time too!  You love your Dada!
But, what has been most exciting for me this week is watching both the boys continue to grow together!  They literately are ALWAYS together and it is so awesome to watch them learn from one another and grow together!  They make me so proud how they have each other's backs and how Waylon helps to introduce Wesson to so many new and exciting things!  I also love watching Wesson get so excited and clap for Waylon any time Waylon accomplishes something new!  We have some amazing sons!

And while the boys were lucky enough to get some extra lovins and times with Dada....
I was too!  Had some fun kicking Dada's booty TWICE while playing Scrabble.
He he...had to get that in there! 
I just love my family...I love how we don't have to be on some crazy vacation or doing something long as we are together....EVERYTHING feels right!  Love my boys and I will forever feel so lucky to be right where I am, right now!


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