Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Day Away

Life has been....well....CRAZY!  So with the long weekend and a couple of hurdles behind us, we decided to take full advantage of our extra day off together. 
When Derrick and I were just....well Derrick and I.....we would take drives all the time into the mountains and foothills.   Sing loud, laugh with each other, catch up, and enjoy some fresh air.  Well, with the boys, that doesn't seem to happen quite as often.  But with an extra day off just to spend together, we decided to take off.
We packed a quick lunch, threw on some comfy clothes, and filled up the gas tank.  Then we just DROVE.  The boys napped on the way out.  Derrick and I caught up and after two hours, we all got out and enjoyed a picnic, exploring and each other!
Thank you Lord for my family and the time we had with each other yesterday!  Thank you for this beautiful world you have created!  My boys have filled my life and heart with so much more love than I ever knew existed!  Thank you for letting me be, Mama Pearce!

My Everything
 Tubby and Hubby

 Picnic with the cutest brothers ever!
 Mama and Mini time...SHHHH, yes that is a wine glass!  Hehe

 I fall more in love with him EVERY day!
 Slide!  ALL BOY!  Down and dirty!  I just love it!
 He posed himself!  He probably figured..."Let's just get this over with!"
The Pearces......LOVE LOVE LOVE

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