Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jesus' Miracles: Jesus walks on water!

So, we incorporated a little bit of science into this one too!  FLOAT vs. SINK!  I just filled up a pot with water and then we tested out of objects.  Mostly, real familiar toys of the boys and then sorted them by their results. 

The last item we tested was Superman...who SUNK!! 

This science lesson....quickly turned into a water war!  Gotta love BOYS!

Then we came inside and read Matthew 14 before nap time.

When the boys woke up they watched this video to retell them the story of Jesus WALKING on water.

 We talked about how AWESOME this was because there is NO way we could ever do that...I mean ever superman sunk!  ONLY JESUS AND THE LOVE OF GOD COULD DO THIS.
Then we did this craft that I altered a bit off of Pinterest so that it worked with what we had a home! 

I love how Wesson is getting old enough to get involved too!

When Dada got home, we told him about what we had learned and how JESUS performed a MIRACLE....he WALKED on water!

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