Sunday, September 1, 2013

Buggy is 16 months old!!!!

Tubba Wubba is SIXTEEN months old today! Wowzers! Buggy, you are learning and saying new words each and every day! YOU ARE FEARLESS! Constantly jumping off the couch and you LOVE to be thrown in the air! You just love to be tickled. You are obsessed with Batman and Mama! You give kisses all day long and eat EVERYTHING in sight! You hate to take a shower or get in your car seat! You Can tackle your brother to the floor and get in trouble for biting a couple times every week too! You have remarkable fine motor skills and will stomp any bug you see to its death. You spill a drink at least once a day but you are also an awesome helper when it comes to cleaning up, putting the dishes away or moving over the laundry. You think your big bro is absolutely hilarious and mimic each and every thing he does! You are a great colorer and dancer! You climb everything at the park by run away from the vacuum! You are a critical part of everything we do at our house and you love being involved. You fill our live with so much happiness. You, Wesson Lee, are the most loved Baby Brother in the whole world.

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