Monday, September 16, 2013

Raising MEN of GOD

So, being a MAMA is HARD!!!!   Anyone who says different...well...they should write a book.  I have prayed daily for the hearts of my boys since the day I found out I was pregnant with each of them.  I have also prayed that the Lord give me the strength, knowledge, and PATIENCE to be able to raise them to be MEN OF GOD!  Luckily, the Lord has blessed us with friends who have this same focus and are more worried about the hearts of their child than their heads.  Two of my most favorite friends have boys the same age as Mini.  So we decided to get together and not only teach
them a few preschool academic concepts, but also introduce them to some awesome and amazing things about our God.  And I have to say, the world better just watch out because these boys are SMART AND STUDLY!

 Lesson 1

On day 4, God made the sun, moon and stars.

Genesis 1: 14-19
Craft time

Working on our shirts!

 Putting the 8 (sprinkles) around the sun(Egg) !

 Guy time
 And the world's cutest baby bro!
So thankful for these boys and their mamas too!

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