Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jesus' Miracles: Water into wine

What an amazing Lord we have!   The boys and I are beginning to learn lessons on Jesus' miracles.   We started this lesson with a prayer for the Lord to open our hearts to his message.  Then, I had the boys watch this following video.

Next, the boys and opened up my bible and read John 2:1-14 .  We talked about how sometimes we want juice when we are given water.  Or milk when we are given juice.  We talked about no matter how hard we tried, we could just turn what we had, into what we wanted!  But...JESUS could!   We discussed the word miracle and how Jesus performed these often to show others his love and grace and power. 

Then we did this simple craft for a visual aid. (I just put a couple drops of food coloring in the Batman cup).

 We took our water
 filled up a jar
 and poured it out as wine!
Super simple, easy and effective! :)

Waylon said, "Go Jesus!"

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