Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wesson Lee is 17 months old!!

17 months…oh Tubba! You are holding strong at around 25 pounds and pushing on the seams of 18 month clothes. Oh and those size five shoes are on their last leg too! You are funny! You are sweet! You are smart! You are loved! You love ...kisses, grapes, tomatoes, ice cream, Smoothies, Mama (such a mama’s boy), snuggling, dancing, balls, playing outside, reading, singing in the microphone, imitating your brother, sweeping the kitchen, climbing on everything!, shoes, cars, Batman, Tupperware, painting, chalk, WATER, walking through messes, popcorn, water, NURSING, throwing ANYTHING, helping with the laundry, cleaning the table, football, being held ALL THE TIME, swinging, and drinking out of a straw. Your new words are blue, bubbles, cow, moo, OOOOO, and yelling MA all the time! But the words you cant say you point and scream for or Waylon proudly tells us. You do however, only talk when you WANT to! You are not my little performance monkey! Everything is on your own terms. You have gotten THREE more teeth this month and two more are getting ready to pop through! So, you are up to seven shiny teeth. You seem to have a constant bruise on your head from chasing after your Brother and tripping over your own two feet but you are OH SO TOUGH! You have a smile that melts my heart and a laugh that brings so much joy into our home. Thank you for being you my precious Bug-A-Lug! What a remarkable baby you are! I know the Lord is going to do GREAT things with you!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Raising MEN of GOD

So, being a MAMA is HARD!!!!   Anyone who says different...well...they should write a book.  I have prayed daily for the hearts of my boys since the day I found out I was pregnant with each of them.  I have also prayed that the Lord give me the strength, knowledge, and PATIENCE to be able to raise them to be MEN OF GOD!  Luckily, the Lord has blessed us with friends who have this same focus and are more worried about the hearts of their child than their heads.  Two of my most favorite friends have boys the same age as Mini.  So we decided to get together and not only teach
them a few preschool academic concepts, but also introduce them to some awesome and amazing things about our God.  And I have to say, the world better just watch out because these boys are SMART AND STUDLY!

 Lesson 1

On day 4, God made the sun, moon and stars.

Genesis 1: 14-19
Craft time

Working on our shirts!

 Putting the 8 (sprinkles) around the sun(Egg) !

 Guy time
 And the world's cutest baby bro!
So thankful for these boys and their mamas too!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jesus' Miracles: Jesus walks on water!

So, we incorporated a little bit of science into this one too!  FLOAT vs. SINK!  I just filled up a pot with water and then we tested out of objects.  Mostly, real familiar toys of the boys and then sorted them by their results. 

The last item we tested was Superman...who SUNK!! 

This science lesson....quickly turned into a water war!  Gotta love BOYS!

Then we came inside and read Matthew 14 before nap time.

When the boys woke up they watched this video to retell them the story of Jesus WALKING on water.

 We talked about how AWESOME this was because there is NO way we could ever do that...I mean ever superman sunk!  ONLY JESUS AND THE LOVE OF GOD COULD DO THIS.
Then we did this craft that I altered a bit off of Pinterest so that it worked with what we had a home! 

I love how Wesson is getting old enough to get involved too!

When Dada got home, we told him about what we had learned and how JESUS performed a MIRACLE....he WALKED on water!

Jesus' Miracles: Water into wine

What an amazing Lord we have!   The boys and I are beginning to learn lessons on Jesus' miracles.   We started this lesson with a prayer for the Lord to open our hearts to his message.  Then, I had the boys watch this following video.

Next, the boys and opened up my bible and read John 2:1-14 .  We talked about how sometimes we want juice when we are given water.  Or milk when we are given juice.  We talked about no matter how hard we tried, we could just turn what we had, into what we wanted!  But...JESUS could!   We discussed the word miracle and how Jesus performed these often to show others his love and grace and power. 

Then we did this simple craft for a visual aid. (I just put a couple drops of food coloring in the Batman cup).

 We took our water
 filled up a jar
 and poured it out as wine!
Super simple, easy and effective! :)

Waylon said, "Go Jesus!"

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Day Away

Life has been....well....CRAZY!  So with the long weekend and a couple of hurdles behind us, we decided to take full advantage of our extra day off together. 
When Derrick and I were just....well Derrick and I.....we would take drives all the time into the mountains and foothills.   Sing loud, laugh with each other, catch up, and enjoy some fresh air.  Well, with the boys, that doesn't seem to happen quite as often.  But with an extra day off just to spend together, we decided to take off.
We packed a quick lunch, threw on some comfy clothes, and filled up the gas tank.  Then we just DROVE.  The boys napped on the way out.  Derrick and I caught up and after two hours, we all got out and enjoyed a picnic, exploring and each other!
Thank you Lord for my family and the time we had with each other yesterday!  Thank you for this beautiful world you have created!  My boys have filled my life and heart with so much more love than I ever knew existed!  Thank you for letting me be, Mama Pearce!

My Everything
 Tubby and Hubby

 Picnic with the cutest brothers ever!
 Mama and Mini time...SHHHH, yes that is a wine glass!  Hehe

 I fall more in love with him EVERY day!
 Slide!  ALL BOY!  Down and dirty!  I just love it!
 He posed himself!  He probably figured..."Let's just get this over with!"
The Pearces......LOVE LOVE LOVE

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Buggy is 16 months old!!!!

Tubba Wubba is SIXTEEN months old today! Wowzers! Buggy, you are learning and saying new words each and every day! YOU ARE FEARLESS! Constantly jumping off the couch and you LOVE to be thrown in the air! You just love to be tickled. You are obsessed with Batman and Mama! You give kisses all day long and eat EVERYTHING in sight! You hate to take a shower or get in your car seat! You Can tackle your brother to the floor and get in trouble for biting a couple times every week too! You have remarkable fine motor skills and will stomp any bug you see to its death. You spill a drink at least once a day but you are also an awesome helper when it comes to cleaning up, putting the dishes away or moving over the laundry. You think your big bro is absolutely hilarious and mimic each and every thing he does! You are a great colorer and dancer! You climb everything at the park by run away from the vacuum! You are a critical part of everything we do at our house and you love being involved. You fill our live with so much happiness. You, Wesson Lee, are the most loved Baby Brother in the whole world.