Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MY required items for being a Mama of 2 there is always a sense of fear that comes over ever woman (or At leastI did) when I found out I was pregnant...BOTH times!  But, I have found that being a Mama of two for me...the things I HAVE TO HAVE TO SURVIVE...are different than they were when I just had Waylon....well some of the items! 

So here are my must haves....

1.  ERGO

....for many reasons...
- Wesson wants to be held CONSTANTLY (oh and I am not complaining...I love it)
- It allows me to still take care of Waylon (who only went in a carrier once in his whole life)
- I can nurse Wesson ANYWHERE!  It has a little head I was shopping at the Dollar Tree, picking out treats with Waylon and feeding my Wesson ALL at the same time.  And all discretely..I wouldn't want to offend anyone if they accidentally caught a glimpse of my boob while feeding my child!  THAT WAS SARCASM....get over yourself!
- it has an awesome little zip up pocket for key, cards, and phone too!!

2.  Kick butt Breast pump

Because do I look like I have time to sit around and pump for hours on end every day??  No way...I have playing to do and kisses to give!

3.  Starbucks plastic tumbler ( or whatever one)

I have about four of these that we use every day!  I am drinking a ton of water and Waylon likes to use them too!!  BIG MAN!  Prevents spills and is easy to sip out of in the middle of the night while nursing!

4.  Battery operated thermometer and Booger Sucker
These tasks are hard enough as it is!  MAKE IT EASIER of yourself and babies!!

5.  Dollar store animal storage

Cute, cheap, wash well, and stay closed!!! 
I am so into routines!  I always say we are going to end up as a lifetime movie because we do the same thing every day/week!  Anyway, I get home from grocery store and split up snacks.  When I am busy is almost always when Waylon gets hungry....I grab him a cup and good to go!  Plus...these are perfect for trips to zoo, travel, park and car.  BEST part....if we loose one...oh was only fifty cents!

6.  Keurig

Must admit...I was anti this and my Hubby demanded it!  BUT love it!  Fast when I am in a hurry and exhausted!  Plus...I am excited for some special winter treats they have coming out for this too!

7.  Vitamix Blender
THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING BLENDER EVER!!!!!!!!!  My first friend got this for me as a shower gift and I pretty much owe her 30 minutes of my day, every day.  We use it for EVERYTHING....daily it is used to blend my coffee and and make Mini a protein is also FABULOUS for making strawberry champagne slushies!!!  Soon...once the Bug is eating solids...this is going to totally be a life saver when making his food!  YEAH!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE

8.  Boppy

Way hated it....WES LOVES IT!!!  Perfect for in the playroom while playing trucks with his brother!

Other things that are saving me these days....
-the crockpot...I am actually making dinner for my family these days and am so proud of it!
....loving all the ideas and recipes I am getting for crafts and dinners
- You tube...they have fabulous Bible stories and songs on there that Mini just adores!!  Wish there were more of these on TV...we do this a lot instead!
- Diaper covers....IT IS HOT AND IT KEEPS THE LAUNDRY DOWN and prevents me from having to buy too many clothes for my Bug who is growing out of clothes at a ridiculous speed!!!

Things I don't use that I was SURE I would HAVE to have...
A monitor, car seat carrier....(my boys both out grew them so fast that I could never carry it) paci, baby bath, and bottle warmer!

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