Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby Moses Exodus 1-2

"When I am afraid, I will trust in you, in God whose word I praise".
Psalm 56: 3-4

What an amazing thing for us to remember...ALWAYS TRUST IN THE LORD AND HE WILL ALWAYS PROTECT US!

Memory Verse

"You are my hiding place"
Psaml 32:7 
(I wrote and said God or my Mini gets confused!)

Started with a prayer asking God to open our hearts to his message!  Then we opened our Bible

and read the story of Baby Moses from Exodus 1-2.

Then we watch the following video that really caught Mini's attention and told the story a bit in more detail!  THESE VIDEOS ARE AWESOME!  I am totally starting to love You Tube!  "God Loves you and will NEVER leave you!"

I then found this right off hand....we only watch the portion of Moses as a Baby!

(Snack and craft overlapped)
We made "baskets" out of cinammon rolls
Placed liners in the cupcake holders and pressed a Cinnamon roll into each one. 

Then we cooked them for ten minutes.  As soon as they came out of the oven I pushed the center down with a soon to create a basket. 

We had to incorporate the frosting so this is what we used for Baby Moses' blanket.  And we spooned it into the holes.  Then we added teddy bears to be our "Baby Moses"

And sprinkles....well because they are tasty!
And we had our very own Baby Moses in his basket!
And after a taste test...

These are highly recommended!


This one I got a little help ~

I printed this out and let Mini color it

While I cut out his hands on leaf color construction paper.
Then we painted some waves on a blue piece of construction paper to make the water.

Then we made the awesome water that God create sparkle by adding some glitter

And everything is better  with glitter so we added some to the hands

and baby Moses too!

Then we cut out our Moses and glue him on the water.

Added the hands and our Memory Verse~

And talked about how God is ALWAYS with us to PROTECT us and is OUR hiding place when we need HIM!

Super fun morning remembering to always trust in God and he will always protect us!  THANK YOU JESUS! Bug fell asleep during the second movie!!  HEHE

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