Friday, August 17, 2012


"The Battle is the Lords."
- 1 Samuel 17:47

So we did this weeks lesson a bit different....instead of doing it all in one day.....we read the story one day and colored a picture, then reread it and watched a movie, and then the following day reread it again and did some crafts! Kind of broke it up again!  I am a firm believer in reteaching ( I do teach high school) so I wondered if this would help him remember concepts better.  We shall see.

So day one...
We read his Bible

...which focused on 1 Samuel 17 and then Waylon colored a picture I printed from the Internet.  YAY...  we have ink again!!!

I also want to point out that we focused of the letters D and G and the sound they make....the letters David and Goliath start with and the concept of bigger and smaller throughout the entire week.

Day 2
We reread his story and watch the movie of David and Goliath. 

Truth be told...Way wasn't a huge fan so he pretty much just watched while he played blocks!  So I actually found this Veggie Tale one that he loved!!

Day 3
We reread his story and talked about our bible verse.


We wrote our bible verse on a bag and then pretended we were David.  We went outside and picked our very own five stones from the yard to help us defeat Goliath.

This was perfect!  You know how boys love rocks!!!


These are yummy and easy!
Sweet Grapes!

Got it off pinterest of course!
Must make for lessons or just an awesome snack!  We used strawberry jello!

LOVED THIS!  We have so many rolls!  I couldn't however print David so I drew him on there!

Mini painted his Goliath!  It had been a while since we water colored!!

Then we just glued him on the paper towel roll!

I liked this because Waylon was actually playing with these later!!

Just a good reminder about how WITH God we can do ANYTHING!!!


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