Thursday, August 9, 2012

My favorite things...RIGHT NOW

1.  Strawberry Champagne Slushies...try them...they go with EVERY dinner (or lunch)!

2.  Mama Sammies!  At noon...don't bother calling or texting..this is where I am!  In between my two littlest loves getting some super fabulous snuggles before nap!!  My most favorite time of the day!

3.  Nursing my Bug A Lug!  (Don't worry there isn't a pic) I love this bonding and special time!  Plus, I love doing what I feel is the BEST for him!  I am lucky to be able to do it!!

4.  As much as I love hearing my Mini count to 20 or sing his A to Z's perfectly (oh yes...that was bragging) I just adore hearing Mini sing I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart and the Lord's army every day!  He even told me "I am so happy Mama, I have Jesus in my heart!"  Teaching my Mini about the Lord is my most important job as his Mommy!  Knowing he is grasping just a bit of it makes me so, so, so happy! :)

5.  Hearing my boys  LAUGH together!

6.  FRIENDS!  My Mommy friends that reassure me that I am not alone going through the "terrific twos" and my forever friends that remind me I am more than just Mommy!  Love all you ladies and I am so thankful for the friendships we share!

7.  Chicago Bear Pink Sweats!  Two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world!!  Awww.... super ready for the those fall football Sundays with my boys!
8.  My newest earring from my Mama!  My skin is so sensitive and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can wear these every day and not end up with bleeding ears!
8.  Johnson and Johnson Baby oil...and not for the babies!!  This is ideal for me to put on right before the shower...especially on those days that when I get out the boys need me right away!  (so...every day)!  Better than any lotion ever!

9.  My husband's kisses...ALWAYS!

10.  Watching my Mini have the honor of being the World's BEST and CUTEST ring bearer for some of our BEST friends!!

11.  FINALLY...EXTENDED MATERNITY LEAVE!!  You see I am SUPER LUCKY...I work part time at a job that I truly do LOVE. Plus, our boys stay with family...FOR FREE!!! A lot of woman would say that this is the ideal situation. But, all that know me, know that I am a CLING ON, HELICOPTER MAMA! My boys (Hubby included) are my whole world. When away, I freak at the thought of missing a "1st" or a special moment. I think about them constantly. You know that feeling you have when you forget your phone and you feel naked??? That is how I feel when my I am away from my boys....every time....and with heartache. It is true...I feel like a part of me is missing and I literately count down the hours EVERY day until I can be with them again. When I went back to work after Waylon, people would tell me "you will get used to it". I NEVER DID! I hated it every day. And cried on the way to work many many days even after a year. Now with two, I can't even imagine. I went back to work when Waylon was almost six months. I know...much longer than a lot of Mama get. It did allow me to create a good routine with him, get him on some solids, not have to pump at work, and BOND! So, with Wesson we decided this was a necessity too. After some praying and planning, I have decided to take an extended maternity leave and finish up my FMLA time. Since Wes is only 3.5 months, Derrick and I decided it is in the BEST interest of our family! WOOT WOOT! So, I will be missing the first two months of school and returning on Halloween! Haha... The WITCH is back Class!!    Looking forward to enjoying this precious time in my boys life for a little longer.  We have a lot more crafts to do, lunches to make, kisses to share, places to go and memories to make in the mornings!!

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