Friday, August 10, 2012

Those darm lower case letters...

Those darn lower case letters have been stumping my Mini.  He has known his upper case for a while but now I am telling him that there are 2 A's and 2 B's....I am pretty sure he think I have lost it!  So, Mini loves to play the "matching" game.  So cut some flash cards in half.  Wrote the upper case letter on a blue card and a lower case letter on the green card.

Today, we only did letters A-F. 

But they we just play matching with them.  We didn't do the memory version where you flip them back over.  Right now I am just focusing on him matching the Big Letter with the Baby letter!  Hoping this helps Mini understand a bit more!

He is getting pretty good! :)

6 down...20 to go! HEHE

PS....I have seen this done with cuter cards to upper case letters on a scoop of ice cream and lower case on the cone!  Then you match to make an ice cream come.  Cute...but this Mama was in a hurry!! hehe

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