Sunday, August 26, 2012

Daniel and the Lion's Den

So today...we are potty training!  So while sitting on the potty, Waylon watched a video from you tube on Daniel and the Lions Den. 
It kept his attention but I was pretty bummed  I couldn't find the Veggietales one! :( 
Anyway, after that, I pulled out his Bible and we read the Bible story from Daniel 6 about how God kept Daniel safe from the dangerous and scary lions.  I knew the message could go in all kinds of different ways.  But, Waylon has been telling us that he is scared sometimes at night.   So, with this in mind, today's message was
God ALWAYS keeps us safe!
Whether we are scared of the dark, the lions, change (oh...that is mine :) ) God will always keep us safe and protect us!
Being that we are hanging at home all day.  We did a couple different crafts!  The first one Waylon did. 
We simply made a lion out of a paper plate, construction paper, and tissue paper!  WAYLON LOVES GLUE! 
 It was easy, fun, and fast enough to conquer in between potty sessions!
The second one got Mr. Wesson involved with some help from Dada!
  We made a lion out of Wesson's foot print.  We made a mane out of construction paper and painted on a tail! 
I love using their little feet and hands for projects!  Mama can't get enough of this! 
SNACK:  My crazy Mini doesn't like peanut butter or chocolate.  BUT...I found a site that made "puppy chow" and just called it "Lion Chow"!  LOVE THIS IDEA!
We will also be coloring this cartoon I just printed off the Internet!  SO SO SO EASY!
So on top of remember that GOD ALWAYS KEEPS US SAFE...we also reviewed the Lion starts with L.  So L will be our letter of the week!  We will be completing this craft sometime in the next couple days!  SO CUTE!



Super easy week.  Oops...gotta go...we are off to the potty!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bug A Lug is FOUR Months old!


MY BUG IS FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!  Ahhhh! I just realized that my BABY isn't a NEWBORN anymore!  No exaggeration, I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach!  DEVASTATES me how quick Time is flying and how you, my Bug-A-Lug, are growing, changing and developing!  I must say though, if I had to describe my Wesson Lee, you are a sweet, super strong, ultra snuggler!!  YOU HAVE MAMA'S HEART BUGGY!   

And while you may have my heart...You just ADORE your Daddy and brother! 
You love when your Dada rough houses with you and to be with your brother!  When they happen to be playing without you, you just stare in their direction!  I know the future in our home is full of broken items and a ton of loud GUY laughter!!

Weight: 17.2 pounds  83 percentile
Height:  27 inches 96 percentile
Clothes: 9-12 months
Shoe Size: 2
Diaper Size: 3
You tried avocado for the first time and have had squash too!!!
  But, you seem to need a couple more weeks of just mommy milk because you seem to spit up more when you eat veggies!!  We will give it a try again soon!
You laugh and smile EVERY time you get a shirt put on!  And every time you get changed!  You seem to just love what a lot of babies despise!  YOU ARE AWESOME! And you seem to just adore bath time too!
You stare at Mommy when someone is holding you across the room.  Don't you worry!  I just want to be holding you all the time too!
You hardly ever stop talking!  You love to tell us all about it!

You are still a little high maintenance!  You still wake up 2-3 times a night, you eat EVERY 1.5-2 hours, but only about 2 ounces at a time!   You love to be held but actually, you have started spending a little more time in your chair, floor gym, walker, and bumbo!  Getting a little independent!

You also like to lay next to your brother in the playroom when he is playing!
You will go to sleep on your own in your room but you are still sleeping with Mama and Dada!

And at naptime, you always fall asleep with brother too!

You sleep with your hands in the "I love you" sign language motion with your middle finger and ring finger in your mouth. 

You got sick for the first time and had to be on antibiotics :(  But even with being sick...YOU WERE SO GOOD!  Just a little more snuggly!

You are so super strong! 
 You have a great hand grip, especially when you have a hold of my hair.
You rolled over from your tummy to your back for the first time on 8-19-12. And you sure are close to rolling from your back to your tummy too!!  And you like to "stand on daddy" and are doing everything you can to sit up already and be a part of the action!
This month has been busy!!  We have been to the zoo,  


took your first train ride to Hanford,
 the fire station,
Auntie Bird's rehearsal dinner,
you spent the day with us while we all got ready,
 and her wedding,
 Avila Beach (I promise you liked it)
 where your teeny tiny toes touched the gigantic ocean for the first time,
and quite a few play dates and park trips!  You love the swing there too!! 

We had family pics done....(you were such a good boy)

and here are a couple of shots Mommy took this month of you that I just love!  Yes Wesson, I think you are the most perfect photo prop EVER!
(Don't blame me...I am just keeping up with Pinterest!)
Wesson Lee...we love you more than you will ever know or understand!  You are my most precious Baby Bug and the littlest love of my life!  You bring me laughter when I am stressed, thankfulness when I am feeling down and LOVE constantly and endlessly!  You make all our days better!  Thank you for being our baby!  Your Dada, Brother and I are so in love with you!  I can't praise the Lord enough for bringing you into our family!!! 
I know that no matter what else happens in my lifetime, being your Dada's wife and you and your brother's Mama....I HAVE HAD EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER DREAMED OF!  You, Wesson Lee, are my everything...and Mama will always love you more than ANYTHING!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho


This was a Mini lesson on Joshua and the battle of Jericho!  Truthfully, the song just popped in my head, I started singing it, Waylon caught on, so I hoped on the computer and....
We started with the song...WAY LOVES TO SING...he told me this is his favorite!!

Then we watched the Veggie tales of Joshua and the battle of Jericho before nap as a "cool down".  THIS WAS CUTE!

As we got ready for nap we talked about how sometimes we have to do "silly" things because God tells us too.  And that we have to trust in him to lead us to the right thing.

After nap time, we read the story of Jericho from this website which has GREAT children's version of many of the Bible stories.

Listened to the song one more time and threw in some dance moves!


We created the battle of Jericho out of sweet potato tots, ketchup, apples, and teddy grahams. 

Tots = Walls
Ketchup= glue for the walls
Apples = the horns they blew as they walked around the city
Teddy Grahams = Israelites

First we built the walls...stealing some bites as we went. 

 Then we placed the teddy grahams / Israelites around the city and gave them some apple/horns!!!  Then we literately walked some of the Israelites around Jericho quietly six times.  Then on the seventh time around, we screamed (Waylon's greatest talent) and then Waylon knocked down the walls of Jericho! 
And the walls came tumbling down....

 This was a super fun mini lesson and I love hearing my Waylon sing, especially big words like Jericho!  SUPER CUTE!

We will probably do another reenactment with some blocks and army guys next week!  This was just too fun!


"The Battle is the Lords."
- 1 Samuel 17:47

So we did this weeks lesson a bit different....instead of doing it all in one day.....we read the story one day and colored a picture, then reread it and watched a movie, and then the following day reread it again and did some crafts! Kind of broke it up again!  I am a firm believer in reteaching ( I do teach high school) so I wondered if this would help him remember concepts better.  We shall see.

So day one...
We read his Bible

...which focused on 1 Samuel 17 and then Waylon colored a picture I printed from the Internet.  YAY...  we have ink again!!!

I also want to point out that we focused of the letters D and G and the sound they make....the letters David and Goliath start with and the concept of bigger and smaller throughout the entire week.

Day 2
We reread his story and watch the movie of David and Goliath. 

Truth be told...Way wasn't a huge fan so he pretty much just watched while he played blocks!  So I actually found this Veggie Tale one that he loved!!

Day 3
We reread his story and talked about our bible verse.


We wrote our bible verse on a bag and then pretended we were David.  We went outside and picked our very own five stones from the yard to help us defeat Goliath.

This was perfect!  You know how boys love rocks!!!


These are yummy and easy!
Sweet Grapes!

Got it off pinterest of course!
Must make for lessons or just an awesome snack!  We used strawberry jello!

LOVED THIS!  We have so many rolls!  I couldn't however print David so I drew him on there!

Mini painted his Goliath!  It had been a while since we water colored!!

Then we just glued him on the paper towel roll!

I liked this because Waylon was actually playing with these later!!

Just a good reminder about how WITH God we can do ANYTHING!!!