Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bug-A-Lug is 15 MONTHS

15 Months of pure LOVE and PERFECTION!

Wesson Lee…I tell ya Tubby….you are one special and loved little man!  You are climbing on chairs, running out the front door, jumping, running through sprinklers, wrestling on the bed, dancing with mama, leaping right into the pool, and flying through the air when Dada throws ya!

You are obsessed with balls...kicking or throwing them, bats, golf clubs, food, books, BATMAN, monster hugs, nursing, grapes, your BROTHER,  snuggles, cars, King of the Hill, popsicles, bubbles, stairs, throwing your food, helping with the dishes and laundry, high-fives and first pumps, and tickles!

YOU ARE TOUGHER THAN NAILS!!  Don’t back up, don’t back down!  But Sweeter than any Boy I have ever met!  You hold my face when you give me kisses and rub my back when I carry you!  And Tub-A-Lub, you finish ALL your dinner and then Waylon’s too!  And you have your Dada’s attitude.  If anyone tells you no, you look right at them and do it anyway!  (Oh, that is going to be SOOOOO cute in a few months!)

I can’t believe you are already 15 months old!  You have filled our home and hearts with so much love and laughter.  I will never understand how I got so lucky to be your Mama!  You are the cutest damn thing I have ever seen and stinkin smart too!  I am so blessed by you and so proud to see you grow and learn each day!  YOU are my greatest gift! God has a fabulous future planned for you, I just know it!

We love you Baby Brother Bug-A-Lug!  No baby brother has ever been loved more!


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