Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer 2013, Week 5

Oh how I love being with my babies!  I wont say that it is relaxing .... it is actually pretty chaotic and crazy all the time...but it is where I am most at peace!  It is where I feel like I am exactly suppose to be!  Being with my boys and making memories with them and their Dada makes me down right giddy! 
So what were so high lights!  I know my little Brainiac is so smart...but Waylon really impressed me this week by being able to READ or recite by memorization these words off of flash cards. 
***Waylon, Wesson, Lawrence, Pearce, yes, no, zoo, go, stop, red, blue, green, yellow, Jesus, God, and, the, Mama, Dada, Papa, one, in, friends, trash, series, McQueen, and Disney!
 And he is working of his math facts too!  I wish I could count how often in one day he asks me how to spell something, how many, why?  How often he makes a connection between two different things.  His brain is constantly going!  He makes me so proud.  Not only because of how smart he is, but because of how inquisitive he is.  How eager he is to learn.  And how dedicated he is to pushing himself to master new skills!  He can write the letter W and a.  We just started with y.  Gotta get that name down!  OH his imagination is on FIRE and non stop!  He LOVES trash packs and watching them on the You Tube...and....he loves making his own videos too for the youtube!  He makes me smile and so proud!  Get it Mini Man!  You are a STAR!
And Wesson....well that little guy is getting to be quite the little bug and his personality and charm are ALWAYS on!  He sure has me wrapped!  He is getting more and more into reading, loves watching Mickey Mouse, is a huge helper when it comes to unloading the dish washer or moving the laundry over, can get in and out of the house on his own now, loves to climb UP slides, stretches with me before and after my runs in the mornings if he is awake, and loves Batman!  He was yelling BAT BAT BAT down the toy aisle at the Walmart right when he saw him this weekend!  Oh course, we had to get one!   OH and Saturday, he didn't wear a diaper for four hours and peed outside TWICE without any accidents!  Oh how I can dream!  My little Buggles...just wants to be exactly like his BIG BRO!  He follows him around, laughs at all his jokes, and him a push or hit every now and then too!  FIESTY!  Love watching him develop into his own little man and seeing his discover his likes and dislikes.  What a special little man the Lord has let me be Mama too!
 The boys also got pizza and ice cream for dinner for earning 25 items on the BROTHERLY LOVE CHART! 
Here are their 25 acts of Brotherly Love!  (I am loving focusing on their kindness to one another and see their relationship grow!)
1.  Waylon played little piggies with Wes' toes.
2.  Waylon gave Wes lovins, kisses and high 5 when he was crying.
3.  Waylon fixed Wes' hair in bath.
4.  Waylon gave Wes lovins while getting changed. 
5.  Waylon gave Wes pats, pats, pats.
6.  Waylon held the garage door open for Wes.
7.  Waylon picked out a toy for Wes with Grandma.
8.  Way gave Wes hugs and high five!
9.  Way asked for Wes while away from him.
10.  Waylon gave Wes a high five for knowing his flash cards.
11.  Waylon shared his cars.
12.  Waylon go Wes crayon to play with in his box.
13.  Way shared his trashies and squeekies.
14.  Wes gave Way good morning lovins.
15.  Wes got Way his boots.
16.  Wes gave Way his skin cream.
17.  Wesson cleaned up Way's superheros.
18.  Wes brought Way his shoes so we could leave.
19.  The boys danced together at the caboose.
20.  Wes gave Way the light up toy.
21.  Way offered Way the last piece of watermelon.
22.  Wes gave Way LOTS of kisses.
23.  Way got Wes a flag to wave.
24.  Waylon fed Wesson his yogurt.
25.  Boys snuggled while watching Mickey.
What sweet, sweet boys I have!
We have had a busy busy busy week with friends.
Tuesday we went to Granny Goose's readings at the book store with Ms. Nicole and Jaxson.  Both the boys were a little shy so that surprised me but it was super nice to spend some time with one of my forever friends and here little stud muffin!
Thursday we went with Emma, Hudson, Maddie, Autumn and some new friends to the Oakhurst Children's Museum for a super fun day of play!  (yes, Mama actually drove that far)!  Waylon's favorite part was driving the Ambulence and Wes LOVED the firetruck.  But, both boys went straight in and headed to the pianos!  My little music men! :)  OH and we got to see the solar system part they had too which was fabulous since we have continued to learn more about our solar system and planet Saturn.
Then Friday, we headed to the Discovery Center with Emma, Maddie, Addi, Gia, Addi and her stinkin cute baby brother!  This spot is where I spent so many of my childhood summers!  It brought back some very special memories and times for me!  I feel so blessed to be able to share that with my boys.  While, we didn't get to go into the science museum since it was time for nap, we had a great time playing on the playground equipment, searching for turtles and mostly blasting off to mars in the rocket ship!
Oh and Mini and I have some special one - on - one Mama/Mini time one morning when dada was able to take Wesson to work with him.  I JUST LOVE that Waylon asks for this special time and want to do it as much as possible for him!  We made Gooz for his trashies and played with them in it.  He even made his own youtube video for me!  They we ran a couple errands and enjoyed being together!  XOXO
What else did we do this week....ate dinner at grandmas, ate out with Grammy and Papa, met Grandpa for breakfast, hung out at home throughout the weekend (that doesn't happen very often), made Superhero Green Later Popsicles out of spinach juice, apple juice and grape juice,  (The boys LOVED THEM!) and got in as many hugs and kisses as physically possible! 
 What a blessing it is to be Mama Pearce and Noodle!  How remarkable it is to see all the Lord has given us and to be able to share our lives with so many amazing friends and family!  GOD IS GREAT!

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