Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer 2013, Week 6

WOWZA!  What a week it has been.  HOLY MOLY!  But, this blog is going to focus on some of the amazing moments that the Lord allowed us to have this week.
Let's start with Bug-A-Lug!
Our little brainiac is taking off!  He worked on new flashcards this week, is talking a WHOLE bunch, JUMPING, CLIMBING onto the chair and couch, mimicking EVERY little thing his BIG bro does, learning all about the color red in his red sensory box, and picking up every ball he sees then running and grabbing a bat!  We've got a BALLER on our hands!
The Mini Man kept working on his flash cards, managed to memorize a whole bunch of new songs off of our Sunday school CD, can write the letters W, a, l, o, n all on his own, (we are working on brother's name too)
spent some of this week working on the money coins, what letter they each start with, and how much they are all worth.  (we used his chore money!)
 Then we "washed" the pennies with apple cider vinegar and salt!  Mini Loved this....until the vinegar got into some of his eczema sore! :(  But, he still thought it was pretty cool!
We also spent some time writing on the eisle and coloring too! 
And while a lot of our plans for Daddy's birthday didn't quite work out....we did get to spend some extra special time with him at Discover the Dinosaurs!!!  We thought it was just the coolest ever!  BOTH the boys were SO into it and it was great to see them explore, be archieologist and search for bones in the sand, and even ride a dinosaur!  It was just awesome!
The boys played a bit outside on evening in on the swings!  This is ONE of our most favorite things to do!  Oh and bounce-a-bounced too!
And, we spent one night with Grandma and Grandpa celebrating out awesome and ice cream cake! MMMMM
And a few nights later Grammy and Papa came over for dinner and cake too!  We have THE BEST FAMILY!
OH and we made Dada a Copenhagen cake and spent some time just loving on our favorite guy!  You are world's most amazing lucky to be your wife and our boys have you to look up to!  THANK YOU for always being the kind of man, I hope our boys turn into! 
Oh and Wes got stung by a wasp! :((((
And a few of my other favorite pictures from this week....
 Playing with Auntie Linds and TRASHIES!
It is CRAZY how fast the boys are growing and CONSTANTLY changing!  We are just so lucky to be their parents and are having so much fun every second we get to spend with them!
THIS has been so on my heart this week! 
Thank you Lord, for letting me be their Mama!  May they always follow YOU and may they always know they are LOVED!

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