Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer 2013, Week 4 (ALREADY?)

Can't believe I have already been off work for four weeks!  We are just having a BLAST!  My boys are growing and learning and laughing each and every minute!  As usual, it was a busy week....but a bit more exciting since it was AMERICA'S birthday!! Not only did we get to celebrate this amazing country that we live also meant that we got an extra day to be with Dada this week!  What more could we ask for?
We started out the week by heading to the library with Grammy!  Way has always loved to read and I am just loving how often I find Wes reading to himself too!  YAY FOR BRAINIACS!  We got some new books and Waylon picked the moon to learn about the most this week. 

We created our own moon...super simple and watch a couple videos about the moon too!  We talked about its shadows and mountains and create some of these with a simple craft!

We also got to enjoy Grandma coming over for dinner where the boys took Grandma glasses and shoes and played a little dress up!  They are so silly!

We spent as much time outside on this HOT HOT HOT week as we could early in the morning!  We enjoyed a lot of breakfast meals outside!  WHile the boys eat, I have been reading from the Bible.  Nothing makes me happier then Waylon asking me to READ MORE ABOUT JESUS!  Awwww!
We had our super cute friends, the Bernhardt ladies, over for some morning fun!  Wes helped me make the blueberry muffins for the playdate!

The kiddos played outside with water and watered the plants!  Just love love love these ladies!

The boys and I spent that afternoon outside too!  They were soaking each other and just laughing it up!  SUCH SPECIAL MEMORIES!

Wednesday, we spent the morning getting ready for America's birthday by making a plaque for our house and reading up on the flag!  13 stripes and 50 stars!

Then we headed out with Ms. Andi and the Cute Cute Pres to see Despicable Me 2.  This ended up being Way's first date to the movies as him and Preslei were kissing and holding hands during the movie!  Lord, help me now!
That night, we had a family CAMP IN on the floor!  Yikes...Mama's back was not happy about this but the boys loved it!
YAY FOR THE FOURTH!  We swam a bit, pigged out,  and then did sparklers!  What a FUN and LOW KEY day!
Friday was CLEAN UP and re-cooperate day at home!  And of course get some play in too!  BOXES ARE MY HEROES!   ahhh....50 minutes of entertainment!  Clean Mama Clean!
Saturday was our FUN FUN FUN DAY!  We headed to Grandpas so Mama could do some shooting and the boys could get in some hunting prep!
Then, after a quick nap, we headed to the BIG TOP for the circus!  Tons of fun and super cute!
We spent the rest of the weekend at home!  We have a teether and our poor Bug sure is hurting! :(
Here are some of my other favorite pictures from this week...
Little Tambourine Monkey
Nakey Butt Chef
 Tired and teething Buggles
 Reppin OLD TOWN SALOON!  Our Papa is the COOLEST!  Drink up and help us get spoiled!!
 Another one of Mini's adorable shots from his photo shoot!
 Getting them morning LOVINS!!
Our future little athlete!  Basketball, baseball and core activities all in one!
Enjoying every second....thank you Lord for a week full of love and laughter! 

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